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Letter From the Principal
Posted On:
Tuesday, August 15, 2017


1801 Bay Avenue

Ocean City, New Jersey 08226

Phone: (609) 399-5611

FAX: (609) 398-7089 

Geoff Haines, Principal

Dear School Families:

As the Summer of 2017 fades, I hope that all your experiences during the summer have totally eclipsed your expectations. I sincerely hope that everyone experienced a happy and healthy summer break. The staff of the Ocean City Intermediate School has been working hard, preparing for the upcoming school year and we all look forward to welcoming our students to the 2017-2018 school year. I am excited to meet or reacquaint myself with all of you on our first day of school, Wednesday, September 6, which will be a full day (dismissal at 2:20). All students should report to their homeroom on the first day.

At OCIS, our doors open at 7:35 am and instruction begins promptly at 7:45 am.   Breakfast will be available until 7:45 am. If students are driven to school, drop off is at the entrance gate on Haven Avenue. The gate will be closed at 7:40 am. Please note that no student is to be dropped off in front of the school and no vehicle should be in the bus loop between 7:30 am and 7:45 am. If students are dropped off after 7:45 am, they must then be dropped off at the front door.

In this mailing, you will find important information that will help our students start the school year smoothly. Enclosed please find the following: the District Calendar, our Dismissal Plan and sign-off sheet, FERPA information, Media Consent form, Internet User Contract, Accident Insurance information (brochure on our website), Food Service information letter, traffic safety brochures and information, and PTA volunteer/membership forms. Student schedules will arrive in a separate mailing during the third week of August. Please review everything as a family before the first day of school, return appropriate documents, and call us if there is something more that you need, if you have any questions or if you have address, contact, or guardianship changes. Additionally, please make sure that you have returned the documents that were mailed to you by the district, prior to the deadline (such as Free and Reduced Lunch forms). It is extremely important that all documents are reviewed and/or returned.

On the first day, our homeroom teachers will review their grade level’s daily schedule. It is very important that students bring their own personal schedule on the first few days. Grade level supply lists are posted on our website as suggestions…there is no need to bring these items to school until they are requested.

One item I would like to stress is that every day counts. School attendance is extremely important as poor attendance effects grades, educational experiences, test scores, careers, and social growth. I realize that some absences are unavoidable, such as illnesses, but please try to schedule family vacations during our calendar breaks. Please remember that ALL absences are registered as unexcused in the state data base, and a 10% absentee rate is labeled as chronically absent and could lead to consequences. Additionally, being tardy and missing part of the first period(s) can also effect success in school.

One of my favorite quotes is “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” Here at OCIS we care. Our staff cares about your children, pushing them to learn at every opportunity and to grow in all aspects. Our staff is constantly seeking new methods, fresh ideas, and expanding their knowledge. In recent years staff members have been honored as the best in the county; won the Princeton Distinguished Teacher Award; chosen as a Fulbright scholar and National Geographic Teacher Fellow; and been awarded countless grants to assist in educating our children and making them better and well-rounded students. Students have not only achieved and grown in the classroom, but have also been great examples for their peers, winning the Prudential Spirit of Community Award as the top middle school volunteer in the state; instituted and/or participated in numerous charitable events; and been honored for their ingenuity, musical skills, writing abilities, and academic achievements.

During this upcoming school year, we will continue our wonderful programs, while adding new study skills opportunities, writing initiatives, and character education programs. We will not sit on our successes, but expand upon them, pushing all to achieve and grow more. As a parent of a new middle school student, a current middle school student, and a new high school student, I can say that I am knowledgeable of what our elementary level and middle school level students need now and in their near future as they progress through the district. I am proud of our building and the successes of all students and staff.

I realize that there is a lot of information for you to remember. The OCIS website and district website are great resources for information. Our website features a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section. The staff and I will be around to help students throughout the first days (and all days!). Please feel free to ask any staff member if you have questions about our school. Students will receive a Daily Homework Journal/Handbook on the first day of school. This vital tool contains details about information to make your days at OCIS so much more successful, includes a “planner” section to assist students in keeping track of their assignments, and contains the Board of Education approved Code of Student Conduct. You will need to sign off on the sheet that accompanies the Handbook to acknowledge that you have received it and read the important information. Our Home Access Center (HAC) will allow you to see up to the minute student data, as well as allowing you to make any demographic changes necessary (but please remember to call the main office with changes as well).

Lastly, we look forward to parental/guardian involvement this upcoming school year. All the successes that I have discussed could not occur without family and community support and involvement. We hope to see all our families involved in one way or another. Information about becoming involved can be found on our website and/or obtained at our Back To School Night, which is Thursday, September 28th. I also encourage all our families to join and participate in our wonderful PTA.

Enjoy the remainder of your summer days. We will see all our students for a full day of school on Wednesday, September 6th.

Sincerely yours,

Geoff Haines, Principal

Ocean City School District – Committed to Excellence

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